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Coogee to Bondi

PSA: go grab yourself a cuppa cos this is gonna be one looong, picture heavy blog post!

This famous Sydney clifftop walk runs for 6km from Bondi to Coogee, or, in our case, from Coogee to Bondi. Having wanted to complete it since the last time I was out here, Danny suggested we take 45 minutes out of our day to stroll along, enjoy the view, the weather and some beautiful beaches.

Me: "Are you SURE it only takes 45 minutes?"

Danny: "Yeah 100%, I used to do it all the time! It's really not that long!"

(SPOILER ALERT: it definitely took more than 45 minutes....leave around 2 hours for the actual walk, but if you're anything like me add an extra hour for luck because you'll be stopping every two feet to take a picture!)

Now this post shouldn't take quite as long but settle down because here come the photos!

Coogee to Clovelly

We started on Coogee Beach, watching the waves roll in and, having not been back in Australia long, that was pretty exciting in itself!


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