Guess who's back...


Fancy seeing you's been a while. Two years in fact. Wow.

The last time we met I was finally updating you on the end of my travels in Aus. My plan was to then come back to the blog with loads of lifestyle posts. But I just wasn't feeling it and they ended up sitting there as drafts. I was in the middle of my final year of uni, if I did anything fun it was a rare occasion (my life had turned into 12 hour days at the library and making batch meals so I could come home, microwave a shepherds pie and then study more before I went to bed...FYI I'd recommend the meal trick if you're coming up to finals, saves soooo much time without you just eating junk!) and my blog was pushed to the back of a dusty internet cupboard.

Basically, sorry. I've been useless but life happened and sometimes you just have to live it.

And you know what life really bloody did happen, it took me by the shoulders and pushed me through the past few years and has left me in the best position to kick off 'The Travelling Dreamer' once more...because guess what? Mentally, I never stopped being a travelling dreamer but now I'm living the life of one again! WOO HOO!

So, before I launch back in, here's a roundup of my life, then to now:

1. Well as you know I left Australia and went back to Leicester to finish off my law degree. Talk about a come down! Having said that, my final year of Uni was probably the best (apart from the Year Abroad obvs), it was a huge reunion of friends, a reunion with the city that is Lestaaah, and of course a reunion with good ol' Shabang (if you've been to Leicester Uni, you know)! But there was also a hell of a lot of this:

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2. Untilllll....I graduated! There were times I really never thought I'd get there but I did it! So super proud of myself and all my beautiful friends for battling through that final year and absolutely smashing the shit out of academia!

Remember that face? We did it!

3. My childhood dream came true and S Club 7 literally played at my birthday! OK, I turned 22 pushing kids out of the way so I could show off my moves at an S Club 7 concert....basically the same thing. Also, what kind of kids go to see S Club...they probably weren't even born when I wanted to be Rachel Stevens and cried when Jon kissed me in a dream because I was really in love with Bradley. TMI??

4. I got an actual grown up job and made some of the best friends a girl could ask for! Who knew that waste regulations could be so interesting....(spoiler: not me)

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5. My stop-gap jobs straight after Uni weren't all that bad because....that's how I met my boyfriend! I think this is the last thing we were all expecting LOL. But Danny walked in from a rainstorm into our call centre one day, locked eyes with me and made a joke about being in a wet t-shirt competition and the rest, as they say, is history! We've now been together for a little over a year and a half and I don't know about him but I couldn't be happier! Get acquainted with him, he'll be featuring quiiiiite a bit (someone's gotta replace Cat!)

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6. I didn't stop travelling! OK, not proper travelling but holiday travelling! Over the past year Danny and I celebrated our first anniversary in Cromer, had a second celebration in the City of Luuuurve, had a family trip down to Devon and Cornwall and basically just created some amazing memories all over the place!

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Testing out the selfie stick!

That bag was teeming with croissants and pastries and macaroons and taking this pic took more self restraint than you would imagine!

Want to see more holiday snaps? There are some absolute crackers (if I do say so myself) over on my insta, go follow!

Then in the (British) summer just gone we were classing it up, stuffing our faces with carbs and wine in a Pizza Express when we turned to each other and went: 'FUCK IT, let's go travel the world and let's start by going back to Australia for another year'.

And that folks, is how we ended up living right on Bondi Beach. And how I ended up back on here oversharing my life with you lot again. 

Ready for an adventure?

I certainly am.


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