Bye London, Hello KL

After a fitful night's sleep (for Danny read no sleep because he was too excited) we met each other at airport, backpacks and families in tow.

We checked our bags, exchanged our money for Malaysia, tried to eat some breakfast and before we knew it we were saying our indefinite goodbyes to everyone and boarding our plane to Kuala Lumpur.

It was real. We were actually doing. 8 months before we'd made a wild decision and now that decision was happening. My lifelong dream was finally coming true...well, if you could call sitting on a cramped plane for 18 hours a 'dream'.

We soon got back into flight mode and watched every film imaginable before we touched down in hot, humid, sticky KL with motorbike fumes filling the air.

We navigated through the bustling streets to our hostel, slipping and sliding around as the monsoon like rain left the pavements a deathtrap...I mean, who decides that in a tropical country known for its humid, wet weather the absolute best materials to make their pavements out of would be shiny tiles?! LOGIC.

Having made it through the obstacle course of the KL pavements and across roads with apparently zero rules without breaking our necks and/or being run over by a motorbike, we dumped our bags and thought it would be a great idea to head back out to explore - as if I hadn't just nearly died when I turned round a corner, slipped on one of those goddamn tiles and almost fell face first into pothole with 15kgs on my back.....

But once the roads had started to dry up and I stopped looking like a one woman show of Bambi on Ice, KL really started to come to life. We wandered through markets close to our hostel and marvelled at everything we saw in the old-meets-new city.

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Exhausted from our travelling but excited for the first night on our however long trip, we headed back to our hostel, Reggae Mansion, and up to their amazing rooftop bar!

Not a bad spot for a beer, hey!

We spent the rest evening being overly excited and discussing our plans for the next few days in the city before turning in, dreaming of adventures.


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