Litchfield National Park

Moving onto Litchfield meant that we had more opportunities to cool down in the 30+ degree weather we were experiencing.

So we slapped on the suncream and headed to Florence Falls. 

The sun hadn't fully come out by this point and having grown accustomed to that Australian weather it was far too cold for me but everyone else jumped in the chilly waters.

I sat and played official photographer as they all flung themselves off the rocks and waited for the sun to put his hat on.

By the time we got the Buley Rock Hole, he was well and truly out so I stripped off with the rest of them and plunged in.

Here was a bit like Gunlom Falls in Kakadu, with different levels and different types of pools. You slowly slip and slide your way over the rocks and settle for a pool. Some kids were having a great time diving into one of the deeper plunge pools while we were happy to sit in the shallows soaking up the rays.

It's a pretty perfect spot for anyone really. 

But we soon hurried on to the final stop of the day - Wangi Falls.

Here is much more set up for swimming with steps leading into the pool and a fairly shallow area before it drops off. It's possible to swim to the falls on the other side and many people did. Ramona and I were happy to float around in the warmer, shallower water, though.

Again, it's an area perfect for anyone - there's even a picnic area and walk up to the top of the falls if you don't fancy a dip.

Litchfield was great, it was the perfect place for cooling off and splashing about but I'm not sure it topped Kakadu.

What do you think?


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