Adelaide River

Our first stop out of Darwin was the seemingly endless Adelaide River. 

And what else is there to do in the tropical waters of the Northern Territory but jump on a boat and go saltie hunting?

Feeling perilously low in the murky, croc infested waters meant I nervously stayed well back from the edge of the boat so peer closely and see how many you can spot. 

You see that croc up there? Well he wasn't having any of us. The captain tried to get us as close as possible to the apparently lazy blighter but hearing the engine of the boat flipped a switch and he was soon heading full speed at us. Not wanting to appear a wimp, I obviously jumped back in my window-side seat and onto the lap of my unsuspecting neighbour as the captain, rather nervously, made a hasty retreat. It was certainly some...excitement...for the day.

We've already seen crocodiles over at the crocodile farm in Cairns but seeing them in the wild, so close, and so invisible in that deep, dangerous water was something else entirely.

I can't say I'd care to get up close and personal with one. Stay safe out there, cazy Aussies.


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