Karijini National Park

The next stop was Karijini National Park.

We arrived late, ate nachos in the freezing desert temperatures before piling into beds made of several thick blankets, duvets and sleeping bags debating whether we'd be warmer with or without socks (FYI, don't believe what people tell you *ahem Dan* it's definitely with). Student houses have nothing on this place.

After ghost stories from Eskimo Dad (Matt) and nightmares about the click, click, slide witch (don't ask) we awoke to a fresh morning in what appeared to be South Africa.

Just kidding, the drive was long but not THAT long.

We were actually staying at the multi-award winning eco retreat - luxury, eco friendly tents in the heart of the national park.

With some time to kill before the next couple of days of hiking we took some family photos.

The morning of the first day was spent descending into Joffre Gorge (BONUS)

Once the weather had warmed up slightly we donned our bathers, left all non-waterproof attire on dry ground and jumped head first into the freezing cold waters of Hancock Gorge.

I don't have a go-pro/waterproof camera (it's definitely on my wish list if anyone wants to buy me one) so I nicked this snap of us vying for the small patch of sun after swimming 100m through the 5 degree water, dreading the inevitable swim back. 

Thankfully, the next day was a lot less wet at Dales Gorge.

On the drive there, none of us could resist a photo op with that signature red earth of the Australian bush and we pulled over for snaps and selfies.

The red earth, dusky foliage and hazy blue sky really reminded me of the vibrancy of Morocco, if any of you have been or are considering a trip.

^ The world's best travel gang.

Once we had had our fill of go pro action, we took an adventure to Fern Pool.

Despite being tempted to paddle in the waterfall at the other side of the pool, we still held clear memories of the icy water from the day before so only the bravest of the bunch, Dan and Matt, stripped to their boxers and plunged in for a quick shower.

After a quick fish pedicure we headed back the way we came, this time stopping at Circular Pool.

We gazed out over the crystal clear water for hours until it was time to make the steep ascent back up the cliffs for more driving, a night snuggled in swags under the stars and our final stop.



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