A Day in Darwin

Right, you've made it all the way to the Top End so now what?

Well, it's always going to be hot but if you've timed it right, there should also be glorious sunshine, so take advantage of Darwin's climate and get outside.

Grab some water, slap on the sunscreen and wander along the waterfront.

But before you jump into that enticingly blue water, don't forget about the crocs! If the idea of being eaten alive isn't your thing, it might be wise to head to the lagoon.

Grab a fresh juice and spend the afternoon gazing at the crystal clear skies, reading a book or splashing about in the water or the popular wave pool. 

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If you're after culture, head to the museum; if you're after adventure, go cage diving with crocodiles; if you're missing the excellent company of your West Coast tour group and are in desperate need of downtime before the next tour starts, stay here all day.

After chilling out, relaxing, maxing all cool, grab some friends and find a spot to marvel at the never disappointing Australian sunset.

Once the sun has melted into the horizon, it'll be time for dinner.

Remember: Never smile at a crocodile...unless he's on your plate, then you can smile all you want.

Tuck into the freshest local delicacies, do your best impressions of Crocodile Dundee and draw your best map of Australia for the newbie that's joined you.

Darwin is known for its nightlife so if you don't have a flight to catch (and subsequently miss) try Monsoons, a classic party bar with your favourite tunes playing all night.

Darwin tends to be a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it - what are your thoughts on this tropical town?


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