A Day in Broome

Start bright and early (well, not so bright) and head to Guanthame Point to watch the sunrise.

Once the sun has woken up, clamber down the rocks and see if you can spot the dinosaur footprints. 

Then wander along the beach, grab a smoothie, and spend the morning warming up on the sand.

The moment your tummy starts to rumble jump on the bus into town and head straight to Matso's Brewery.

^ If one of your crew is missing, just take a picture of them with you!

Order yourself some nosh and some beer, of course.

Matso's are known for their delicious mango beer but we decided to give their most popular brews a go with their tasting pallet. 

Before getting a couple of pints of the more adventurous Chango beer - a bizarre mix of chilli and mango. Give it a whirl and see what you think!

Spend the afternoon dipping in and out of the pearl shops. But before you spend all your hard earned dollar, grab an eskie and head back to the beach for one of Broome's magical sunsets. 

PRO TIP: it's least crowded down by the life saving club, or just, ya know, get there early.

Have the best day - I know you will!


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