Gentle Giants


I coughed and spluttered as salt water filled my snorkel. 


Huge waves were crashing over my head. 


The current was pulling me backwards.

But all I heard was 'SWIM, SWIM, SWIM'.

I plunged my head underwater only to be faced with a mouth as wide as all 5'1.5 of me heading straight in my direction. 

And I bloody well swam. 

Right from the offset there was something we all wanted to do. 

Swim with the biggest fish in the world. 

So one early morning we hopped on a boat to do just that. 

We wriggled into wetsuits and nervously excitedly listened to safety briefings.

To check we could hold our own in open water we started the trip with a snorkel.

Before being joined by a friendly manta ray.

But what we'd really come to see was something very special indeed.

Every year, between April and July, whale sharks migrate to Ningaloo Reef seeking the warmth of Indian Ocean.

And before long we were lucky enough to meet one.

Swimming at impossible speeds alongside a 7 metre giant was quite possibly the most surreal, terrifying and insanely awesome experience of my entire life.

And it seemed like it was the same for everyone.

And after several incredible swims, we were completely spoiled when dugongs emerged.

I cannot begin to describe how freaking amazing this day was. All I can do is implore you to buy a ticket over to Exmouth for next year. 

Easily in the top 3 Aussie highlights for every single one of us.

Just go and do it.


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