Monkey Mia

7.30 am and the alarm blasts us all awake.

We pop on shorts despite the chilly weather, sleepily sip on tea and wander out of our beachside resort.

We slip our shoes off and feel the cool sand between our toes.

We meander along the surf until we see an already large crowd waiting by the jetty. We hurry the rest of the way down to get the best view.

A short while later and we are allowed to paddle up to our knees in the water along with two ladies with microphones telling us about the history of Monkey Mia. We all half listen excitedly until we spot the first one, at which point I for one lose all interest in what the nice lady is saying.

Circling round the shallow waters was a dolphin. Then there were two dolphins. And there was a mother dolphin and her calf. Did I mention there were DOLPHINS?

For over 40 years tourists have been flocking to the waters of Monkey Mia in Shark Bay to make friends with the wild bottlenose dolphins that frequent the area in search of a free fish.

It is almost guaranteed that the dolphins will visit the beach 3 times each morning waiting to be fed by the excited general public. Because of this the resort can become extremely busy and touristy which coupled with the fact that only a handful of people are able to feed them can in some cases make for a disappointing visit. Even in the Winter we found the beach rammed so I dread to think what it's like in the Summer months.

Having said that, if you don't get the chance to feed them, this pod love the area and you can spot them around all day. Sometimes you might even have one or two swim up to you. Just be careful you don't get in the way of the fish they're trying to catch -  no one likes being bowled over by a dolphin swimming at 40kph!

But that's enough waffle, if you want more information you can find it all on their website.

Now, here are some pictures of friendly dolphins.

Pretty freaking cool, hey?


  1. those photographs are amazing!! this seems like the most incredible experience! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Great post love the pictures Shark Bay is actually a lot quieter in the summer months especially November through to the end of February.


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