Kalbarri National Park

Day 2 and with the sun shining we headed to Kalbarri National Park and into the Murchison Gorge...

...where some of the braver members of the gang tried their hand at abseiling down the 20 metre rock face.

But I was more than happy being official photographer with my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Once the daredevils had had their fill of adrenaline we scrambled even further down. 

We soaked up the sun and watched the boys leaping from rock to rock before climbing back out for an ariel view of the gorge.

We then popped off to drink in the incredible view of the Z-bend.

At the bottom of the 150 metre drop the winding river snakes its way through the imposing sandstone and river redgums as far as the eye can see.

And of course we couldn't miss out on the classic tourist photo of Nature's Window!

I'd not heard of Kalbarri before I joined the tour but it turned out to be a fab park full of amazing sights and half the tourists you'd expect. If you're making a trip up or down the West Coast, this is not one to be missed!


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