My first impressions of Perth have been strange ones.

From my German, chess-playing, country-listening, cartoon-drawing roomies and the Aussie lad and Professional Gambler staying here to be closer to ‘work’ (who subsequently got asked to leave when he got naked during the Germany-Brazil game) to the city’s tourist traps and hilariously bizarre street performers, I think I’m going to like it here.

On my first day here, I slung my camera round my neck and channelled full scale tourist.

Before long I found myself crossing over the train station and into Perth CBD. The city, although under major construction, has a chilled feel and is actually super pretty. A mix of old and new buildings line the two main shopping streets and cute arcades pop up here and there. It’s a small town with the vibe of a big one, a cross between Brisbane and Melbourne perhaps, just with a lot less coffee shops.

It wasn't long before I stumbled across London Court, on Hay Street. It’s a short lane crammed with antique shops, souvenir shops and a tiny place selling British Food. Shakespeare’s head intermingles with the Australian Flag as the crowded buildings tower above, seemingly about to collapse in on you. I almost could have been back in the narrow streets of Stratford-upon-Avon. It's cute and quaint and worth a little whizz round and a watch of the jousting cuckoo clock out front but don't be fooled, it is very touristy.

Another thing I noticed is that the city is absolutely covered in sculptures. On nearly every street you'll spot a strange figure! This was one of my faves. 

Perth is pretty and leafy, it’s got a relaxed atmosphere and whilst I can imagine it being a killer Summer city, it works pretty damn well in the rain too. I think it’s a winner.


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