Kings Park

With the wind and rain being replaced by glorious sunshine, I headed down to Kings Park.

It’s a while away from Northbridge but I took it at a gentle stroll rather than the bus and found that although there’s a steep hill to get up to the park, it doesn’t take too long at all (except when you walk in the opposite direction for 20 minutes, ahem). 

Once I had realised the error of my ways, I did manage to find the way and was soon panting up the steep hill. It was all worth it though when I got to the top and was greeted by some amazing views over the city.

After spending a short while taking in the city skyline and catching my breath I continued further into the park to walk through the botanical gardens. All the way along, you have incredible views over the city and the river made all the better by the beautiful winter sunshine.

One of my favourite parts of the park was the Place of Reflection. A calming area of tranquility with many benches hidden around to sit and think. So peaceful.

A little further on and there is the water garden. A lovely pond and fountain filled with ducks and surrounded by young and old alike oohing and ahhing over the changing water streams. A perfect spot to lay your picnic blanket. 

Kings Park is wonderful. Big enough to spend a whole day just wandering around breathing in the fresh air, the perfect place for an afternoon picnic or just pop up for the incredible views. You can find all the information you need about the grounds and how to get there here!


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