Cleland Wildlife Park

Late on Tuesday, I finished my last exam signalling the close of my year abroad. In order to get out of the library and into the fresh air, Cat and I decided to revisit Cleland Wildlife Park. You can read about our last experience of it here. So after a margarita filled night, we dragged ourselves out of bed and into the crisp winter sun.

We stopped off at the top of Mount Lofty to breathe in the refreshing air we had been craving so badly and to admire the place we've called home for the past 12 months.

With rosy cheeks, we made our way back down the mountain to Cleland.

We started at the very angry Tasmanian Devils.

Before moving off to stroke a koala.

The Aussie experience continued when we came across some very hungry kangaroos.

Cat made a friend and participated in a bit of boxing.

But it didn't take much to overcome her ravenous opponent. 

At this point, he moved on to me hoping that I could offer more nibbles.

In return he taught me how to jump like a roo.

Once we'd managed to shake his friendly guy off, we stumbled across an even cuter little fellow.

How adorable is he?!

By this time, some of the roos had decided they were about ready for a nap. Just check out this guy trying to catch up on his beauty sleep!

But before long, the rustling of our paper bag attracted the attention of some of younger roos.

Just as we managed to drag ourselves away from the overload of cuteness, the fella from before came sniffing around to make sure we weren't hiding any last crumbs from him.

Once, he'd established that we didn't have anything, we were allowed to wander home stopping to pet the potoroos...

...where I made the amazing discovery that Cat is in fact the Pied Piper.

But instead of using her master power for good, she directed one of the little blighters to bite me!

If you look closely, you can see the shock on my face as the horrid little thing ran away after sinking its fangs into my flesh.

That put an end to the fun and I sulked off home. But despite the suspected rabies, we'd had a fantastic day. We've been twice now and loved it even more the second time, so if you're in the area this is definitely not one to be missed - I'd pick it over the zoo! Let me know if you make the trip!


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