Fancy Burger

Hidden at the end of a lonely, little side street that ordinarily wouldn't get a second look, is the highly recommended Fancy Burger. 

With growling stomachs, Jess and I spotted a little sign and dubiously wandered down to see if it was worth it. Remembering only the week before I'd been told about this place and always being on the look out for new burger joints, we decided to give it a whirl. 

The place was whimsical and relaxed. They had a few tables clustered together indoors but the we grabbed our table trophy and headed outside. 

We cozied up in a little shipping container/living room and before long our burgers came out to join us.

Jess went for the Satay Chicken - chicken breast, satay sauce, herby mayo, salad and relish.

While I went for The Legend - lamb patty, field mushroom, caramelised onions, goats cheese, herby mayo, salad and avocado.

Sounds good, right? And looks pretty darn tasty too.

But to be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was tasty but it was just lacking any real spark, that all important je ne sais quoi. The bottoms of our buns got a bit soggy and all that salad was a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it felt a bit like I was eating a tree. Individually the elements were good but altogether it was just missing something and although it left me stuffed, I didn't feel particularly satisfied. Having said that,  Jess absolutely loved hers and couldn't find much to fault AND I've heard some excellent recommendations so maybe it was just a bit of an off day for me.

This is definitely somewhere I'll try again, if only in the hope that the recommendations finally live up to the hype. You should try it too - there are three restaurants dotted about but you can find all their details on their website - and let me know what you think. I'm clearly missing out!


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