Adelaide Zoo

Last week there was a strange buzz around Adelaide. Undercurrents of anticipation rippled through the air. People feverishly hurried here and there with a sparkle in their eye like they'd woken up with that strange feeling of excitement you get but you're not sure why.  The city was ready and waiting for something...or someone. Then at exactly 9pm the bubbling silence was broken by two girls screaming in the airport as besties were reunited. Jess was finally in town. 

After the obligatory beach visit and dragging her along to my weekly lectures, I took Jess down to the zoo to spot some of the Australian wildlife. 

Before running round taking selfies, we charged up with cake and panda coffee.

And then got distracted in the shop...

But before long we were ooohing and aaahing over all the real animals.

Here we can observe a Jess in her natural habitat.

A typical Jess uses aesthetics for multiple activities. Here we can see how she uses pink sparkly shoes to attract the attention of both giraffes and meerkats.

After a good giggle about those gorgeous shoes I was dragged past the aviary where I was brave enough to get a snap of this little kookaburra.

Before we began swooning over these adorable little otters having lunch.

Then out of the blue we bumped into some old friends on a day trip. What a coincidence!

After the pandas we had a brief trip to Pride Rock

'Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it' - Rafiki, The Lion King

 We then stumbled across some gorgeous little mosaics designed by local school children.

Very wise words from the little ones.

Then Jess had a little chat with a quokka...

...the meerkats spooned in the sun...

...and the monkeys showed off their ariel acrobatics.

A super cute day out!


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