The Girls Are Back In Town

Having returned to Adelaide, Cat and I decided to catch up with the city and each other over food. But we weren't just looking for a light lunch. We were on a food rampage.

We started our food mission at a place we'd both clocked but had, surprisingly, never tried - Burger Theory. Now there's a bit of a burger warfare going on in Adelaide. Rival burger joints from opposite ends of town are battling it out to produce the best 'gourmet fast food'. Ordinarily this would thrill me. My mouth would start to water, I'd place my bet and push my way to the front of the ring but having already tried and been sorely disappointed by Burgastronomy (dubbed Adelaide's Best Burger Bar) in the blue corner I was quietly hopeful for the underdog in red.

Burger Theory has a limited but interesting menu which Cat and I always favour - if they've only got a few options, they must have those options perfected beyond perfection, right?


We both went for beef burgers. Apparently the patties are 100% Coorong Angus Beef, ground daily onsite. For a fast food joint, this was already looking up.

Cat then went for the #1 - Iceburg lettuce, tomato, American cheese and Truck sauce. Whilst I indulged in #2 - Crispy pancetta, onion confit and Adelaide blue cheese sauce.

Within no time at all, you collect your tin tray and settle down into a booth to devour what turned out to be the most delicious fare.

First up the fries weren't anything extra special but they were salted to perfection which counts for a lot in my book.

We then unwrapped our little burger parcels and were presented with buns of joy.


I'm gonna break this down for ya.

1. The bun. Fluffy and soft and squishable. Cat's did go a little soggy at the end but she puts this down to the river of sauce she got and really it wasn't a complaint at all because the bun was one of the best she'd had and the amount of sauce was perfect so really it was just amazing so stop reading so much into things, goddammit.

2. The patty. Succulent, juicy and cooked delicious pink in the middle. Full of meaty flavour.

3. The toppings. My pancetta was salty and crispy and abundant. The onion confit definitely added to the indulgent texture but it was slightly overpowered by the strong flavours of the pancetta and the blue cheese sauce. The sauce was delicious though. I loved the whole combination but by the end it did get a liiiitle salty but it's not much of a complaint from my end. I'm just looking for weaknesses. Cat's  Truck sauce and salad make for a perfect classic burger which, judging from the food silence, she loved.

If you think back to my Grill'd post, you'll remember that we claimed it to be the best burger. I'm not going to take that back but I am going to clarify it. Burger Theory burgers are very different. Grill'd is more like a 'healthy burger' while this is like a naughty, 'I know it's bad and dripping in calories but it's so good burger' that makes you feel deliciously wicked. If you're looking for that burger kick with half the naughtiness, Grill'd is perfect. If you want sheer indulgence, Burger Theory is the place for you. Easily one of the best burgers I've ever had and by far the best fast food burger going. Burgastronomy, you've lost your title. 

Now for all of you with temporary diet amnesia, it's hidden down a little side road called Union Street and if you blinked you'd miss it. But you definitely don't want that so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy!

Our feast didn't stop there though as we headed a little further down the road for dessert at San Churro. This is an Australian chain serving up the best in Spanish chocolate. Despite having just stuffed burgers into our mouths at the speed of lightning, our eyes were FAR bigger than our tummies and we ended up ordering a vat of the good stuff. 

We started with hot chocolate Spanish style. This stuff is thicker than normal, more simply like melted chocolate. Cat went for the Classic Spanish with cream and I went for the Azteca - chilli chocolate - and cream. 

Barely through the whipped cream and already feeling slightly ill, they brought out our proper puddings.

I had the Choc Banana Sundae. Chocolate ice cream, banana, melted milk chocolate, whipped cream and 3 mini churros.

And for Cat, the Banana Caramel Cup. Layers of banana, caramel, melted chocolate and churro pieces.

Flagging slightly, I slowed down and took the initiative by dipping my churros into my chilli hot chocolate. Ha, and you didn't think it could get any more indulgent.

We half finished dessert falling asleep at the table, 10 stone heavier and overly satisfied.

But hey, Adelaide! The girls are back in town.


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