The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Every February and March Adelaide plays host to the biggest Fringe Festival outside of Edinburgh. It's a month long, open access arts festival which plays host to acts and artists from all over the world.  It wasn't long before we were enticed by The Garden of Unearthly Delights

We joined the queue itching to be let loose in the magical wonderland

Fairy lights and lanterns were strung overhead

tarot readers whispered secretively in between distant screams from the mini fairground

stalls and tents lined the pathways

and the air was filled with the smell of sugary treats from the many food stands.

We meandered through the park stopping for snacks and ciders and to find an evening show.

We eventually narrowed it down to the Freak Show thanks to a heart stopping pre-performance from a man juggling a chainsaw.

Yes, that's right, a man juggling a chainsaw. Madness.

We promptly bought a ticket

and were treated to a few more previews whilst we waited to enter the tent.

Once seated, things got even more freaky.

The Space Cowboy treated us to a particularly eye watering act. He swallowed a balloon. He then swallowed a sword. A very audible pop as the balloon burst made the audience gasp collectively. But then with whispers of 'how will he get it out?', he plunged extra longer pincers into his stomach to retrieve the offending article.

What a way to start a show!

Next up, a snake charmer. Beautiful, sexy and with hips that definitely do not lie, the whole audience was mesmerised by the woman with snakes slithering round her face.

Then we had the most amazing fire-eater. I think he spent more time actually breathing fire than eating it though.


He was followed by The Lizard Man. You've probably heard of this guy but if you haven't, he's covered in green scaly tattoos and has had his tongue separated. After several slightly awkward minutes of extreme tongue innuendo during which the woman behind yelled out 'oh yes, that'd do it' and Cat turned a rather fetching shade of pink, he then inserted a giant corkscrew into his nose and out through his mouth.

Excruciating to watch.

The final act of freakiness had a bit of danger to it. Lizard man, looking far too happy with himself, fired an arrow across the audience...

...and the space cowboy caught it. Blindfold.

Freaky it certainly was.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights is free to enter and can be found in Rundle Park. It opens from around 5pm and there are several main shows a night. On top of this, there are several free or cheaper shows in tents all over the park. The Freak Show was $10 and completely worth it. The Garden is only around until 16th March and is NOT to be missed. So grab some friends and head out for a night of the unexpected.


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