Happy Birthday, Natalie!

WARNING: This website contains extreme graphic sentimentality and cheesiness.   

Today is a big day. One of my favourite ladies turns 21!

Yeah, I told you it was a big deal. The problem with big birthdays is that they require a big gift but when you're a poor travelling student you're lucky to be able to treat yourself to meat once a week (chicken flavoured noodles don't count), let alone treat others as well.

Having said that there was no way I wasn't doing something for this chick, so I decided to do something a little different. I decided to immortalise this momentous day. 

So, here's to cocktails and cake. Here's to being able to get drunk everywhere in the world. Here's to memories made, memories shared and memories yet to be created. Here's to your dreams, wishes and ambitions. Here's to being older and not necessarily wiser. Here's to you, Natalie, and those marvellous flowing locks. 

All credit goes to the numerous photographers I have stolen cheeky snaps from. 

And here's to not being able to lie about your age because you now have your own little slice of the internet to forever commemorate your twenty freaking first birthday! 

Enjoy your day, beautiful.


P.S. You're old and you smell. 


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