Germany v Ireland

As you know (from that horribly cringey post) it was Natalie's birthday last week so to celebrate we went on a little trip to Germany.

'Germany?!' I hear you cry. 'But you're in Australia, surely you wouldn't fly across the world for one day?'. And you would be right, that would be mental. Instead we popped down the road (popping down the road in Oz constitutes a 30 minute drive) to Hahndorf - South Australia's own little German town.

It's filled with little German shops and cafes of which we went into all. Obviously.

We even queued up for this obligatory photo.

We meandered along either side of the main strip marvelling at the leaves turning such beautiful colours. It's very strange that we're officially in Autumn while all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are moving into Spring and talking about stripping off and having bbqs. (oh no, sorry, I was still thinking about Australia)

We had a lovely relaxed day at this cute little town but Natalie's birthday also falls on St. Patricks day so we obviously had to have a big Irish night out.

We dolled ourselves up, tied a balloon round N's wrist and hit up The Dublin Hotel where we were treated to dance shows galore. First, a local dance troupe did some excellent Irish dancing (which you can see below) but then the whiskey went to our heads and Steph taught us the dance to Steps' 5, 6, 7, 8 (which you most definitely can't see below).

The camera was discarded not long afterwards as we boogied the night away. I think Ireland might have taken it this time.


  1. I stumbled across your blog and always get excited when I find another blogger that loves to travel! I have had to put my adventures to Australia and New Zealand on hold for a bit but they are definitely on my bucket list. I'll have to bookmark your blog for some inspiration when the time comes to visit those places!

    1. Yes, you absolutely have to make the trip - it's amazing down here! I'll keep posting travel inspiration for you :)

      Beci x


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