Future Music

After months of building excitement, we gathered the girls (and boy) and headed to Future Music Festival. We started the day early at mine and Abi's where we had eggs and fake malibu for breakfast. Malibu for breakfast?! Yes, you read that right but as poor students and with a vodka red bull at a whopping $14 inside the show ground, pre-drinking at 10am was perfectly acceptable. Don't judge. 

As any good festival goer knows, to look your best you need denim shorts, a bikini, flowers and sparkles. We filled our quota pretty well, I have to say. We even had our own little Mean Girls moment

Astri wears: Denim Shorts from Cotton On and one piece from Body&Soul (similar at asos)
I wear: Ditsy Print Top and denim shorts both from Cotton On.
Abi wears: Cotton On Bikini (similar here) and denim shorts from Factorie (similar here)

Once suitably merry we hopped on the bus to Adelaide Showground where the real fun was about to begin. 

After what seemed like days in the queue, we finally made it in and headed straight to the Safari stage for a bit of Will Sparks.


Carnage was up next...

...where we bumped into my fabulous ex-housemate, Nory.

We then hot-footed it over to Dada Life in preparation for Pharrell. I'd never heard of Dada Life but their set turned out to be one of my faves. That's the thing I love about festivals. There'll always be one artist you've never heard who you end up loving. 

The Swedish pair, who were extreme fans of inflatable things, played some absolutely banging tunes and put on such a fun show. I was only a tiny bit jealous when Tina befriended a nice man who hoisted her up onto his shoulders!

Then straight after, extreme excitement washed over the crowd as the one and only Pharrell Williams took to the stage. 

Now, surprisingly, the excitement was short-lived. His setlist was incredible (as were his abs) but the atmosphere soon turned to unadulterated mayhem as he called girls up on stage before throwing a diva strop at those up there taking photos of him. Cat-fights began around us and by the time Tina had a girl purposefully shove her in the face, we were ready to exit that humid hell hole sharpish. Just a bit of a disappointment really. 

After taking a little breather, we threw ourselves back into the crowds for the good ol' London lad that is Tinie Tempah. I'm not sure the Aussies really had much of an idea who he was but we were all loving life celebrating his new British number one. 

After grabbing some standard greasy festival food, we headed to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who were putting on the most bizarre show...

Before jumping ship to Rudimental. The worst thing about festivals? Clashes. 

By this point, we were having Vodka Redbull crashes but with several more hours to go we decided to skip out on Eric Prydz in order to rejuvenate ourselves for Hardwell. 

Which we went a little bit crazy at...as you can tell from our glistening sweat. Sexy.

What happened next was inevitable. 

But after a cheeky nap we were up and ready to party again for Phoenix and Chase and Status. Both excellent sets.

Now I know you can't really get a true sense of a festival from photos alone so here's a shaky little vid I put together for ya. 

It may have been a horribly hot and humid day and the tickets might have drained my bank balance but jeeeez, it was worth it.

Thanks, Australia, yet again you've been a babe.

All credit goes to Abi and Astri for splitting the photo taking duties with me. 


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