Leaving Melbourne

With the start of term looming and the very stressful realisation that, yes, I am in fact homeless and jobless, I knew I needed to get back to Adelaide pronto. But the idea of no longer travelling killed me so Corina and I decided to spend a week driving from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. But after hunting high and low and still with no vehicle to speak of, we enlisted some eligible young French men and their camper van and hit the open road. 

After an initial drama with a huntsman spider and an open window we safely made it to our first little lookout (from here on in pronounced look-oot)

Before ending up at much sunnier beach where the boys surfed and I got dunked in the ocean with all my clothes on. Florent was very pleased with himself. As you can tell. 

Next we headed for another surfing spot, this time stopping along the way to marvel at the strange smoke-like fog that had descended over the water. 

So mystical.

Despite the mist, the water was so beautifully clear and enticing.

The fog soon cleared though and the ghost-like shapes sailors fear were replaced by sun-soaked rocks and gently lapping blue waters.

And we headed off back to the beach to jump into that beautiful ocean.

I guess leaving Melbourne wasn't so bad...


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