Food Hunt

As a Melbourne newbie, Natalie was yet to visit the night market so under the pretense of showing her around, I went on a food mission. If you think back to my last post about the night market, you’ll remember that I went a bit mad for all the food stalls. So tonight was the night to try it all.

After a thorough perusal of all the food on offer, we decided to start with some chilli fries to share. 

After my first mouthful,  I was worried we’d peaked early because these were incredible. I love potatoes but I’m not the biggest fan of hot chips but these were just perfect – just crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and not too greasy. We had the perfect amount of chilli, which had a great little kick, and we were given just enough hot sauce and sour cream that the fries didn’t go soggy. No one like chips that have been for a swim. We were two very happy girlies.

With our appetites whetted, we couldn’t stop there and next up was chimchurri ribs from the South American BBQ. For $12 we got a huge mound of meat smothered in the most amazingly flavoursome chimchurri sauce. The meat itself was cooked to perfection, still rare and falling off the bone. It just melted away in your mouth.

By this point, we were stuffed to the seams but we kicked our second (dessert) stomachs into action and dived in for pudding. Earlier we’d spotted the waffle parlour and that was where we headed. We both went big and got the strawberry dream – waffles, cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce.

The perfect end to the perfect evening.


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