Dinner Date

Before we jump into a random new blog post, let me just say how sorry I am it's been so long. I was essentially kidnapped by a couple of French Boys and disappeared into the depths of a camper van...but more to come on that. For now, back to Melbourne. 

As soon as Summer hit, all the exchange kids went their separate ways. But just over halfway through the holidays, a few of us ended up in Melbs so we reunited. Over good food, of course.

Steph and Patrick had been to Melbourne before so they had a pretty good idea of where we’d get said nosh. We started off at a little Italian restaurant on Lygon Street. The menu was extensive but having been assured it was all delicious, us two girls plumped for pasta (mine with tomato-y, garlic prawns, Steph's with creamy chicken) and Patrick had calzone. And it really was deeeelish! 

The only downside was the service we received. The waiters were perfectly lovely but not particularly attentative which was great whilst we were nattering away and ignoring the menu but not so great when we wanted to pay. We could have simply got up and walked away without anyone noticing. And as poor travelling students we probably should have done.

In our own small little protest and Patrick’s desire for chocolate crepes we chose somewhere else for dessert. We had a play in the street first before ending up across the road at The Dessert Box.

But we still couldn’t settle. 

 Once we’d finally calmed down and had a proper look at the menu we realised the food here was a liiitle expensive but we found it was well worth it.

Steph had nutella waffles,

Patrick nutella crepes

and I went for the black forest waffles. It was heavenly.

After such a delicious meal, we had to roll home but as an extra special end of the night treat we bumped into some possums!

Too cute!


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