The Whitsundays

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and none are more beautiful than those of the Whitsunday Islands. So, on one gorgeous day we jumped on a yacht and sailed off to paradise. 

We spent the morning snoozing in the sunshine on deck

before wrestling with our wetsuits. We were awkwardly bundled onto the dinghy for the most experienced snorkelers on board (we may have snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef but 'most experienced' we definitely are not) and made to roll off backwards into the water. Not at all terrifying.

After a good hour we were picked up and taken back to the boat where we were treated to wine and watermelon.

Toasting paradise. 

As we relaxed back on the boat we made our way to one of the most famous beaches in Australia, Whitehaven Beach. 

We arrived to crystal clear waters and miles of untouched bright white silica sand, which doesn't get boiling hot and burn your feet.

We strolled along the surf in awe of the seemingly deserted island

Before we got a little over excitable and decided to play some games.

Nat tried to teach us how to play volleyball but she was too good and I failed miserably.

So we took up the calmer activity of building sandcastles.

It didn't last long though and soon we were seeing how high we could jump.

Late afternoon we were dropped off at Long Island, our home for the evening.

We were greeted by wallabies, lizards and palm trees galore.

As the moon rose and the creepy crawlies came out we settled into bed realising heaven definitely is a place on earth. (and that I'm a cheese monster) 


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