Sydney Aquarium

I'm now travelling all on my lonesome so my first day back in Sydney I decided to treat myself with a trip to the Aquarium. I knew it was going to be worth it when the first tank I came to held possibly the most bizarre animal in existence - the duck billed platypus. These next few photos are dedicated to my mother who has been rabbiting on about them before I even left for Australia. In fairness, they are super cute. 

Next up came the usual array of fish, turtles and little sharks. 

The tanks also held beautiful corals, one even mimicking the Great Barrier Reef.

Finding Nemo. Ready, steady...GO

After tearing myself away from the beautiful fish, I discovered something utterly amazing. That little long black thing is the foetus of a baby shark still inside its little sac. The really amazing thing about it though is that it's alive. It's essentially being incubated and you could see it wriggling around as it grows bigger. It was mind blowing.

Next came huge lobster things

And some stingrays

Aren't the markings of this starfish absolutely beautiful?

Not as beautiful as this delightful eel though (yuk)

The next things to really catch my fascination were the jellyfish. It's amazing that something as beautiful and delicate and peaceful can be so horrendously dangerous. 

Then more crustaceans. This time, spider crabs.

Then came reef sharks,

a bow mouth guitarfish

and dugongs. These are 2 of only 6 dugongs to be kept in captivity throughout the world. They were both washed up on Gold Coast between the ages of 3 days and 3 weeks old. They are now both 15 years old and weigh upwards of 300 kilos. The youngest was bottle fed from 3 days and so loves human company, particularly being stroked and putting on a show for passersby.

They also share their home with huge sting rays. 

Then came the real big guns - sharks. Aren't they cool?

After the thrill of having huge sharks swim all around me, we were led to the more calming waters of coral,

leopard sharks

and this funny guy who is a sawfish apparently.

This was such a great day out so if you've seen all the classic Sydney sights and fancy something a bit different to the Opera house, book a visit, you can find them down at Darling Harbour. It was fascinating, informative and great for kids and adults alike. You could get lost in there for hours - I know I certainly did.


  1. looks fun
    love aquariums and sea life, can stare for hours and jellyfish and sea horse

  2. There's just something about jellyfish isn't there! Sea life is just incredible!


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