Queen Victoria Night Market

After spending my first full day in Melbourne moping around feeling sleepy and homesick, I met up with a good friend of mine from uni in England who is also spending a year abroad. Not only did it cheer me up dramatically but he was an absolute babe and took me and a handful of new dorm friends to an amazing night market. 

Every Wednesday, Queen Victoria Market keeps its doors open until 10pm offering the most amazing array of food and drink, a vintage style bazaar selling clothes, jewellery and other bits and bobs and live music. Huge trestle tables are squished in between all the stalls so you can sit and chat and enjoy a drink and some nosh. 

Before any sort of shopping could commence, I headed straight for eats, winding my way around the edges of the market so as not to miss a single food stand. I could have happily walked round several times sampling the wares from each stall but Erfan chose Jerk Chicken, Corine chose ice cream and David chose fudge within minutes so I forced myself to narrow it down to Wingman. 

I went for the 6 piece hot wings with fries and a blue cheese dip. It was deeeelish. The wings were juicy and sticky and covered in the tastiest hot sauce. I have to say the fries themselves weren't anything special but when smothered in that blue cheese dip they became heavenly. 

We crammed into a corner munching away and catching up on the past 7 months and Australian life until we meandered through all the stalls and back home again.

I had such a great evening and the market was well worth the trip. The night market only runs during Summer so if you're in Melbourne on a Wednesday night before March 26th, grab some cash, brace yourself against the crowds and make sure you check this place out - you won't regret it. 

P.S. if you stay until 10pm put your haggling hat on and march your way around looking for end of the night deals - the ice creamery sells off whatever is left for $10 a tub and Olga managed to grab a whole mound of buffalo wings for $10 from Wingman when I paid $8 for 6! What a jammy thing she is!


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