If you read last week's pre-birthday post, you'll know Cat has just turned 21. For the big day, her amazing parents booked us into Qualia for a few days. This incredible resort is situated on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, right on the Great Barrier Reef. And it's stunning. 

We arrived at the airport to icy water and cold towels before we were whisked off to the gated resort where we were greeted by champagne and the most incredible views. After a relaxing check in, we were given a golf buggy to take us round the island and driven to our door. 

As the door swung open, so did our mouths. The suite was plush and luxurious, we had a free standing bath (any type of bath is a huge luxury for a backpacker), champagne on ice and views to die for. 

I even had the most perfect little blogging space. 

We slipped into our robes, poured our champers and kicked back with the hundreds of movies on the TV. 

Before we knew it, the champagne started to kick in and the excitement at being in a 5 star resort started to get to us.

Going for a golf buggy joy ride. 

The next day we awoke to that stunning vista and headed to the beach. 

The secluded beach was met by an infinity pool and waitresses came round periodically with ice cream to cool us down. It was absolute heaven.

 We spent a very stressful couple of days having to swim and sunbathe and do nothing. It was horrible. It got even worse when the sun set on my last evening and this hideous sight appeared from nowhere. Disgusting really.

In all seriousness, this place is amazing. If you're looking for a high end get away with your special someone or just a luxurious break for yourself, look no further. I have a lot to thank the Lee family for. They're brilliant.


  1. This looks so awesome. Really glad I found your blog (via the Londoner) - I love travel blogs! Followed you on bloglovin and looking forward to reading more. Very jealous of you being in Aus right now as we're having a particularly gloomy Monday in London xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. So glad you like the blog, Cate - I've been a bit of a stalker and I love yours too! Sorry to hear about the weather back home...but not that sorry hehe

      Beci x


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