Happy New Year!

Usually the year ends in far too much alcohol, a slobbery kiss and a half-hearted countdown. Usually it's  just a bit of a let down. This year was different. This year we saw in 2014 down at Sydney Harbour. 

We settled down in Circular Quay early in the day and chatted about what a whirlwind of a year 2013 had been. We lounged about in the sun and talked about our highlights, our lowlights and our hopes for the year ahead. 

Once the sun set, the bridge lit up, the crowd became excitable and the atmosphere palpable. 

Half-way through the night we were treated to a fireworks preview geared for families who wouldn't be staying out until midnight. Multicolours exploded over the harbour for several minutes causing us all to ooh and ahh over the spectacle.

The next part of the evening featured glittering boats floating up and down the water, dazzling us all with their custom made lights representing their view of Sydney and the past year.

Before we knew it, it was the main event. We whacked on Beyonc e's 'Countdown' and went wild with the crowd as the official countdown started and 12 minutes of fireworks illuminated the sky.

I'd already narrowed down my top 5 highlights of 2013 but as I stood there with my mouth agape and my heart racing, I realised I could safely say that this already makes the shortlist for 2014.

What a way to bring in the new year. I hope it brings you love, luck and happiness.


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