Being the little burger fiend I am, it wasn't long before I scouted out a place for us to try. Grill'd deals with the age old problem with burgers - healthiness and heaviness. They only use the highest quality, freshest products sourced as locally as possible and all the meat is grilled - hence the name. 

When you enter you are greeted by friendly faces, beautiful flowers, relaxing decor and, best of all, a wonderful foodie aroma. This place has a strong local ethic too. When you order, you're given a bottle top and asked to place it in 1 of 3 jars. Each jar represents a local not for profit organisation and the jar with the most bottle tops provides that charity with $300 whilst the other two jars receive $100. So you can eat your burger safe in the knowledge your helping disadvantaged families and providing legal aid to those who can't afford it among many others.

After spending faaaar too long perusing the extensive menu, Cat plumped for the Baa Baa Burger - lamb, avocado, cheese, salad, relish and herby mayo - and a side of hot chips for us to share.

While I went for the Hot Hombre - chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, cheese, avocado, tomato, Spanish onion and super crispy tortilla chip. 

I dug straight in with my mouth but Cat took the far more civilised approach with the emergency knife.

However you decide to eat your Grill'd burger though, I can guarantee that it will be oh so tasty. Cat wildly proclaimed that it was the best burger she had ever had and *deep breath* I might have to agree with her. It's definitely up there in the top 3, that's for sure.

But then I guess a restaurant with the motto 'healthy burgers, healthy mind' was always going to be a winner for me.

You can find Grill'd bars all over Oz (apart from South Australia, BOO) so hit them up as soon as you get a chance. You won't be disappointed.


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