Fraser Island: Day 2

Our second day at Fraser Island started with a quick stop at the Stonetool Sand Blow. The sand used to cover a forest but as the wind now moves the sand further on the ancient forest is starting to be uncovered. Pretty cool stuff.

We then made our way onto 75 mile beach to pick up speed along the shoreline. 

Our next stop was the Maheno shipwreck. This eerie skeleton was mesmerising and mysterious. She was first built as a cruise ship in Scotland in 1904 but became a hospital ship during WWI. As the war came to a close, the ship was bought by a Sydney shipping company to make regular voyages in-between Australia and New Zealand. Several years later, she was sold to a Japanese shipping company who were to melt her down for scrap metal. However, on the way to unfortunate fate, she hit an unseasonal cyclone and washed to shore on Fraser Island. There have been several attempts to move her but she has now been abandoned to her seaside grave. 

Soon after we hit the beach again, this time stopping at The Pinnacles.

Here the sand is multicoloured which has created cliffs of reds, yellow and orange. 

Another short drive down the beach was Indian Head. It is one of only 3 sections of rock on the entirety of Fraser Island and is an incredible look out. 

We made our way up slowly, each step providing an even better view than the last. 

But once we were at the top, all other views paled in comparison. Miles and miles of untouched, deserted beaches spread out around us while thundering waves crashed onto the shore. 

We perched right on the edge of the cliff face and looked down into the crystal clear waters, looking for rays, turtles and sharks.

We weren't quite as brave/foolish as a few of the group who picked their way right out over the rocks for that all important Go Pro selfie. 

Once we'd made our way back down to the beach, we were whisked off to relax in the Champagne Pools. The pools get their name from the foaming white water of the waves that crash over into the large rock pools. 

Once we were fully rejuvenated, we headed off to Eli Creek. I had to leave the camera behind as we went floating down the creek in dappled sunshine. It was the perfect end to the perfect day. Until it got even more perfect when we bumped into the island's mascot - a dingo! 

I know he'll eat your children but look at his cute little white socks! (As Ron Weasley would say, I really need to sort out my priorities)


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