Fraser Island: Day 1

Hervey Bay is a very small residential town with a nice quiet beach. And that's about it. So, at the last minute we decided to make a trip to Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island. 

We started the day bright and early on the world's slowest ferry before embarking on an excellent couple of days. As the island is made almost entirely of sand, we were to be driven round in a 4x4 bus as part of an 18-30s Cool Dingo tour. Being little daredevils, we sat at the back of the bus to feel the full force of the bounce. Within seconds we were all in fits of giggles, absolutely loving speeding about off-road. After a good 20 minutes of being thrown out of our seats, we arrived at Lake McKenzie. 

The pure silica sands are apparently great for exfoliation so we rubbed it all over and braved the freezing cold waters. It was worth it as the extremely pure water felt so silky and our skin was left feeling just as soft. 

After drying off in the blazing sun, we carried on further into the rainforest.

We felt like little bush explorers climbing over fallen branches and upturned roots.

Running alongside our path was a gentle stream of the perfectly clear water.

After a long day of exploring we picked up some beers and were dropped down at the local beach to watch the sunset. 

Corona's latest ad campaign. 

What followed next was truly breathtaking and, I'm afraid, photos don't do it justice. 

Once the sun had finally gone to bed so did we, dreaming of the day ahead.


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