Exploring Sydney

Our first full day in Sydney started with a coffee and a danish in beautifully sunny Hyde Park. Just like being back in England really...(minus the sun and the palm trees)

After a suitably long lounge in the sun, we took a wander through the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Where we came across drinking fountains

and the tallest palm tree known to man.

And then we rounded the corner and there it was. The most famous landmark in Australia. The Sydney Opera House. 

And beyond that, the Harbour Bridge.

We had photos in front of the bridge, like good little tourists, before wandering round to the other side of the harbour to continue gawping at the opera house.

It's funny, this whole trip I've had little moments where I've suddenly realised that 'OMG I'm in Australia' but none of those jolts of excitement compared to the sudden leap my heart took as we stumbled upon the Opera House. 

Jeez guys, I'm in freaking Australia, how did that happen? 


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