Brisbane: Day 1

After months of small town Adelaide and even smaller towns all the way down the East Coast, we finally found ourselves in a proper city - Brisbane. Beaches are lovely, small seaside towns are lovely, the countryside is lovely but I'm a city girl at heart and so are my travelling pals. As soon as we arrived, we went exploring. 

We strolled along the riverside in the late afternoon sun which was full of busy bars and restaurants bursting at the seams with suits and G&Ts. 

We were passed countless times by runners and cyclists before we met a designated exercise bridge which lead us over the river to Southbank all the while telling us to keep far left or start running.      

Once at Southbank, people stopped running everywhere instead preferring to dip into one of the numerous restaurants or laze by the lagoon. We decided we would take a relaxed stroll around to scout out things of interest for the next day.

That was, until we stumbled upon 'Carols Under The Stars' being held on the riverbank. We concluded that we couldn't pass it up so we found a little spot and settled down for the evening.

Nat nipped off to buy snacks before we were serenaded by some chap from The Voice Australia as the sun went down. Once the darkness had descended and Mr Voice and his choir had stopped singing and started taking photos with the crowd, the big screen lit up with 'Elf'. 

We snuggled together as the film played on until it was time to pack up our things and let the city lights lead us home.

Brisbane, I like you.


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