Blue Mountains

It would be a crime to go to the hustle and bustle of Sydney and not take a couple of days in the far more calming environment of the Blue Mountains. As the weather was just starting to really heat up I jumped on the train and headed up there in search of a cooler climate. Unfortunately, I found even hotter weather but my sweating was rewarded with some magnificent sights. 

One of the main tourist attractions up there is The Three Sisters, so, on my first ever bush walk, I slowly ambled my way down for a look. 

All along the way there were lookout points offering stunning views

And as I came down the Giant Staircase made up of 900 steps (that I couldn't make all the way down due to a landslide) and across a tiny little bridge to underneath The Three Sisters, the views remained equally as incredible.

This crazy chap, fixing the landslide, did little to put me at ease on the pretty sheer rock face.

I hauled myself back up the super steep steps and once I'd got my breath back, I was rewarded with this view of the sisters.

After my first little foray into bush walking, the next day I was up early raring to go. After a little chat with the hostel staff, I settled on a walk which was 'definitely one of the more difficult and longer walks but also one the most rewarding'. It took me down into the 'Grand Canyon' and right back up again to walk across the cliff top. At the bus stop I met a very sweet Swiss chap who was doing the same route and so we joined bush walking forces, descending right down into the canyon. 

We marched down stairs

climbed through tunnels

ran under waterfalls

spotted lizards

and jumped over the creek.

Down in between the rocks we felt like proper explorers, clambering over boulders and brushing past huge ferns, taking photos at every opportunity. But then we looked up and realised just how far we'd walked down and just how far we had to walk back up. We put on brave faces but after 750 metres straight up the cliff face we were both ready to cry and turn back around. We persevered though and thank god we did. We were rewarded with spectacular views all the way up.

They're not called the Blue Mountains for nothing, you know.

About half way up, we were given a bit of respite from the mid day heat as it started raining. But when we looked up there were no clouds. Being studious young folk we knew that it was impossible for it to be raining without a cloud in the sky so we scratched our heads and wondered where all the water was coming from...until we spotted a waterfall. The wind was so strong that high up that the waterfall was less of a fall and more of a rise, showering us in refreshing, icy cold water!

When we finally arrived at the top with shaky legs and hearts a-pounding we could have happily never walked again but the views were so worth it that I'd recommend this walk a thousand times over.


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