Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is Cat's birthday. It's the big 2-1 so we decided to start the celebrations early. Cat's favourite book is The Book Thief and seeing as the film just came out, I decided we'd start the day at the pictures. I'm such a thoughtful friend. So, come the afternoon, we ransacked the sweetie aisle of Woolies and snuggled down in the cinema.

Two and half hours later, we emerged with mascara running down our cheeks, feeling emotionally drained and exhausted. It was amazing. I (shamefully) haven't read the book but Cat's review decided that it had nothing on the book but that it was still an excellent film and we both loved it. The acting was impeccable and brilliantly cast and the cinematography was superb. It is, without a doubt, one of the best films I've seen in a long time. Now all of you go and watch it. 

After such a taxing experience (I'm making it sound a lot less fun than it was), I scheduled in a food stop. Of course. But this being a special occasion and all I could hardly whisk her off to Maccas now, could I. So instead, we went for Thai at the Opium Den

The menu is vast but after all the comfort snacking at the movies, we both plumped for soup. Mine was Tom Yum Goong - 'a hot and sour soup with king prawns, fresh herbs, chilli and mushrooms'. It was divine. 

Whilst Cat plumped for Tom Kar Gai - 'chicken and mushrooms poached in a mild coconut milk and flavoured with galangal and a touch of chilli jam' - which was equally delicious.

After a little break full of chatter about the beautiful boys we're sharing a dorm with, we even managed to fit in pudding - green tea ice cream for Catherine and Roti Banana for me.

Ok, I admit it doesn't look the most appetising of food but that's because my camera wasn't playing ball and in fact, it was the most delicious fare. If my awful photography hasn't put you off, you can find Opium Den on Macleay Street, Potts Point. You should definitely go - it's well worth the trip. 


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