On our way back down the coast from Port Douglas, we stopped at Cairns again. But having already explored the town, we decided to head out to the rainforest on Captain Matty's Barefoot tour

Our first stop was the Cathedral Fig Tree - a 500 year old strangler fig tree. Ok so it was just a tree but it was a pretty darn cool one. 

Second, was Lake Eacham. This extinct volcanic crater thought to have been formed around 12,000 years ago is now a popular fresh water swimming lake. It is 40 metres at its deepest spot but we stuck to jumping off the jetty and the treetop rope swing into a measly 20 metres of water.

Unfortunately for you, the camera was discarded at the next few stops in favour of my bikini and a series of freezing cold waterfalls -  Dinner Falls and Milla Milla Falls (where the shampoo adverts are filmed).

Our final stop was Josephine Falls. We made it just before the bad weather made the falls too dangerous so we dived straight in.

The water was freezing and the rocks were slippery but once we managed to haul ourselves to the top, we were rewarded with super smooth rocks and a steady jet of water which created a natural water-slide.

This spot was the highlight but the whole day was excellent. If you're in Cairns, this trip is a must, so give Captain Matty a ring.


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