Art Gallery of New South Wales

To soak up a bit of culture, we ducked into the Art Gallery of New South Wales found just outside Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. 

We started in the more traditional side of the gallery, featuring Australian and Western artists.

Before moving down a level, into the contemporary galleries. 

We mooched around, completely enthralled, until we stumbled upon a truly hideous sight. A dead body.

Down a little alcove, Gregor Schneider had set up an unnerving installation called the 'Basement Cellar House'. As a partial reconstruction of his previous work, 'Dead House', we were asked to slip past this dead body and into a pitch black cellar. After several nervous attempts to step inside we finally took the plunge. We hurried along narrow passages and through creaky doors noticing more dead bodies in the eaves. We emerged into the bright gallery with weak knees and shaky hands, completely taken in by the spooky exhibition. It was terrifying but totally worth it.

We quickly hurried off to calm down but instead found another bizarre installation, this time from Ugo Rondinone. As we entered, an off putting loop of conversation filled the small room while a couple of creepy clowns lounged about. The artist is known for creating unsettling pieces and that it certainly was. 

Luckily the rest of the gallery wasn't anywhere near as odd and the rest of the walk calmed us down. 

It may have scared us silly but this is a cracking little art gallery so if you're in the area definitely pop in - it's got something for everyone. 


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