An Evening in Melbourne

Got a spare evening in Melbourne and you're not sure what to do? Look no further, Erfan and I have sussed out the perfect way to enjoyably kill a few hours.

First off, take a wander down Swanston Street towards the river and stop at Waffee for coffee and waffles. We both went for the white chocolate glazed waffles and they were deeelicious!

Once you've got your snacks, nip down Hosier Lane to marvel at the amazing graffiti that covers every inch of the street.

Some of this stuff is really amazing.

By this time, you'll be feeling parched so head to the very middle of the river to Ponyfish Island for a stiff drink. It's the little round float sticking out from under the bridge, you can't miss it.

Remember to take something warm to pop on because Melbourne, chilly at the best of times, gets really windy in the middle of the water.

The bar is small but novel and as the sun goes down the twinkling lights become pretty magical. This would be the perfect place for a casual date.

When you're feeling suitably merry (or in our case, freezing cold) walk back over the bridge. Take a padlock, make a wish and throw the key over into the water.

Take a moment to check out the view down the river before hurrying home to curl up in bed, dreaming about your wonderful evening.

P.S. Big thanks to Erfan and his instagram feed for some of the photos!


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