A Further Introduction To Sydney

Finding ourselves in a foreign city meant we needed a tour guide so we enlisted the help of Laila, DT and his Sydneysider friends. 

Our first stop was for Korean BBQ. Lexie led us into a secretive little lift which opened up into a bustling restaurant as DT giggled 'you're the only white people in here'. We all may have laughed along but that, my friends, is the first sign of good regional cuisine. And I was proved correct. This food was delicious, even if the experience was slightly odd. Basically, you cook your own food. You get a menu filled with raw meat platters, a BBQ dome, unlimited sides and you nominate a chef. Lexie, a regular, was entrusted with the important task and she did not disappoint. Sizzling meat was piled onto our plates whilst we helped ourselves to a whole manner of side dishes. 

(Photo courtesy of DT)

It was amazing. The night didn't end there though, as we hurried over to Darling Harbour where they put on a firework display every Saturday!

After being wowed by the explosions we were told the magic wasn't about to end and we were whisked off to an extra special ice cream parlour - N2 Extreme Gelato. Here, ice cream scientists in lab coats whip up little pots of heaven using liquid nitrogen.

DT went for Mango Sorbet which tasted exactly like a fresh, ripe mango and Johanna plumped for Strawberry Shortcake which, you guessed it, tasted exactly like a strawberry shortcake. Cat and I  decided to go all out and chose Ferrero Reveal - hazelnut and nutella gelato covered in a crunchy topping of rice krispies and chocolate and served with a wafer and a syringe of warm chocolate ganache.

Naughty but oh so good.

I was too excited by the prospect of new food to note down the name of the Korean BBQ but if you fancy popping along to N2 (which should be high up on your to-do list) you can find them on Dixon Street, Sydney - right next to Darling Harbour - or Brunswick Street, Melbourne. Enjoy!


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