Star of Siam

As a little holiday within a holiday, we ventured further north to Port Douglas. As part of this holiday, we did what any normal people would do and went out to dinner. After a quick whizz around the little town we settled on the Star of Siam - a Thai and seafood restaurant. That evening we dressed up as well as we could from our backpacks of creased clothes and headed out. 

We shared a starter of salt and pepper squid was was unbelievably fresh and so tasty. We could have easily had a whole meal of just this!

But I couldn't help myself when my Bhed Ob (roasted duck thai style) came out. The duck had been marinated in ginger, garlic, coriander, five spice, black bean, salt, sugar, honey, dark soy sauce and Thai whisky.

It might not look like much but it was out of this world.

Cat's Gang Masaman Nuea (Beef Curry) was just as delicious. Maybe even more so - the beef just melted in the mouth. 

And we shared a pot of coconut rice.

Despite being well and truly stuffed we simply had to try, a supposed Thai delicacy, Coconut custard and pumpkin. It was by far the oddest thing I have ever tasted. It was layered thick custard, almost like an egg custard tart, and roasted pumpkin. Maybe it's South East Asia's answer to Pumpkin Pie but it certainly wasn't for me. I'll stick with the ice cream and sprinkles thanks. 

Despite the bizarre dessert, the whole meal was absolutely delicious. Definitely some of the better Thai I've eaten. It's hidden away in this sleepy, paradise town in Far North Queensland but if you are ever in the area I couldn't recommend it enough. Enjoy - we certainly did! 


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