Kuranda Village

Being in tropical Cairns, there was one thing we couldn't miss out. The rainforest. So, we decided to get the scenic rail up into the treetops of Kuranda Village. We had breakfast at the station before jumping on the slow, old locomotive that pulled up alongside us. 

The train was filled with leather benches and black and white photographs.

It was a very pleasant way to climb slowly upwards.

When we reached the top we went for a stroll around the famous markets but instead found ourselves in what appeared to be a commune. Not ideal. With fears that if we didn't leave soon, we'd have no chance of leaving without dreadlocked hairs, henna tattoos and in a permanent mushroom induced haze we whizzed round the bizarre place before exiting sharpish.

We decided to take the Skyrail back down to Cairns. The little cable car took us high over the rain forest making for some spectacular views.

We surveyed our green and blooming pastures all the way down before heading off to find some crocodiles. More to come...dun dun duh...


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