Christmas Extravaganza

This Christmas period has been very very strange. Christmas should be cold and rainy or, preferably, snowy but this year it's been hot, sweaty and sandy with absolutely no snow in sight. It's a time for family and friends and laughter and presents and piles of food and crap TV. We decided that if we couldn't have the Christmassy weather (to be honest, it's probably for the best) we would ramp up the festive cheer with a full on international extravaganza. 

It started on Christmas Eve in true Swiss-German style. We fired up the grill, donned Santa hats and cracked open a couple of cans whilst classic tunes played in the background. 

After getting suitably merry we wandered back home to bed to refresh before the next round of activities. 

Our BBQ Brunch soon turned into BBQ lunch after a lazy morning in bed watching The Holiday. When we finally dragged ourselves up and out we headed to the beach for bacon, sausages, eggs and pancakes. 

After we'd finished scoffing ourselves we decided a little walk and a swim would do us good. The beach was full to bursting with lively, chatty groups, surfers, eskies and santa hats.

For the rest of the day we mooched around the beach until it got a bit chilly for bikinis (Still better than England though) and we ran off to make even more food. This time, it was the big one. We all got stuck in and in the blink of an eye we had created a huge Australian Christmas feast. 

We even had the classic - shrimps on the barbie.

With such a veritable feast we rolled to the beach, 10 stone heavier and struggling to breath.

Now that's what I call Christmas.


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