First things first, WE'VE FINISHED EXAMS. It was horrible and stressful but it's done and now I can get back to being fun, woo! Our exam was rather unfortunately scheduled for 6pm on a Friday so we planned to jump on the bus as soon as it was over and celebrate with a blowout dinner. But we just couldn't wait. On our hunt for lunch we saw a South Amerian food cart so, naturally, we were first in the queue.

I plumped for the Chivito, a fresh take on the classic dish from Uruguay. Ok, it was basically a chorizo burger and it was delicious.

While Cat went for the Amazon Rice which was even better than the burger (Yes, I know, a big statement coming from me)

After oohing and aahhing over our delicious lunch we headed back inside to cram and write the worst exam ever. But then 8pm rolled around and we couldn't have been happier. 

While we waited for the bus we worked out that we only have 4 days left in Adelaide before a 3 month long summer holiday and we got a little bit over-excited.

Finally, in a bit of a post-exam haze, we found ourselves sitting back with a large drink in TGI Fridays. 

After several recommendations, we decided to share the Sesame Jack Chicken Strips to start off the feast. 

Then came the big guns. Cat's wasn't messing around and went straight in with the Jack Daniel's Ribs

I was naughty and had my second burger of the day - The Ultimate Jack Daniel's burger. (Can you sense a theme here?)

Just look at is sitting there oozing with deliciousness.

We spent the rest of the evening slowly and satisfyingly working our way through our piles of food.

Quite literally, TGIF. 


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