It's a topsy turvy world we live in

There is one thing I cannot get my head around. In Australia, Summer = Christmas. The past few weeks have been pretty strange getting used to it but today my mind was truly boggled.

In a well timed revision break, Nat was playing in the next round of the Beach Volleyball tournament from a couple of weeks ago and so Cat, Koli and I loaded up on suncream and headed down to Glenelg. Before we could make it to the sand, however, we found ourselves caught up in a Christmas Pageant. Hundreds of people lined the street in anticipation for the festive parade and as it started Cat and I, having never seen anything quite like it, were utterly mesmerised. One by one, schools, dancers, musicians, local services and even greyhounds in fancy dress waltzed around town to cheers and applause.

The Mayor greeting a member of the Rock and Roll Club. 

One of the old parade cars needing a bit of help. 

Even the greyhounds from the Greyhound Adoption Program got into the Christmas spirit. 

It was an enthralling and, let's be honest, totally baffling Australian take on building Christmas spirit but we came away irrationally happy and quite bewildered by the whole scenario. The peculiarity of the whole thing multiplied when we wandered down from the Christmas pageant to the beach for a bit of volleyball. I never thought I'd couple those two activities in the same sentence. Still, we got to see our girl in action!

Flinders Dream Team.

But the one thing that I found the most bizarre was not the Christmas pageant at the beach in 25 degree weather, nor was it that the parade took place in November (?!), it wasn't even seeing Santa's grotto turned into Santa's beach hut whilst on the hunt for ice-cream. It was seeing Christmas decorations strung through palm trees.

That, my English friends, is the definition of weird. 


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