Cafe and Culture

For our last day in Adelaide before Summer, we decided to go a little further afield and venture north of the city. Cat had heard about a little cafe that we couldn't resist the sound of. Cafe Komodo.

It's hidden down a romantic alleyway with plants arching overhead.

Walking through the front door is like walking back into the 70s and it's brilliant. There are worn out old sofas, classic formica tables, shabby lampshades and posters all over the walls. Very kitsch. It was a beautiful day though so we didn't stop inside for long instead we headed straight out to the courtyard which was equally gorgeous.

Then came the difficult task of deciding what to order.

After a thorough perusal of the menu and a worried debate over whether we should order burgers or nachos, we finally settled on milkshakes and burgers. 

I went for the very berry smoothie which was thick and full of honey like a proper homemade smoothie.

And Cat plumped for the Iced Chai which came with two huge scoops of ice cream. 

We were very satisfied indeed. 

Then came the burgers which were more like sandwiches on turkish bread but were no less delicious. They were juicy and gooey and filling and oh so yummy. 

Mine was steak oozing with tangy tomato relish, fried onions, melted cheese and rocket

And Cat's was chicken with salad, melted cheese and pesto

FYI, this is the face of someone who is extremely content.

If you think this would be your sort of place you can find it at 118 Prospect Road. They're open all day and on Friday nights they have live jazz. I would link you to their website but the internet doesn't want to play ball so just google it. Or use this guy.

We decided we should probably work off our lunch with a bit of sight-seeing. 

We started at the beautiful war memorial in tribute to South Australia's wonderful armed forces. 

Before heading further down the street to the South Australian Museum.

The museum was full of Aboriginal and South Pacific artefacts, a few hair-raising snakes and spiders, and a giant squid spanning the height of the building. Although fairly small, it would certainly fill up a rainy afternoon. (or a sunny one)

We didn't last long though, preferring to stroll in the sun and do some last minute shopping. Look what I bought!

These Aussie backpackers will be mighty jealous once they see my snuggled up in my alien sleeping bag with these bad boys on. If you fancy a pair, you can grab them here.

For now, I'll see you on the flip side (a.k.a Cairns)!


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