Mount Eden.

Auckland is surrounded by volcanoes so we decided to climb one. Known as Maungawahu in Maori, Mount Eden last erupted 15,000 years ago so we assumed we'd be alright. We clambered up the 196 metres to the top and were greeted by some pretty spectacular views of the city.

Once you can drag your eyes away from the cityscape panorama the massive crater left by the volcano is equally fascinating and intriguing. I know it's just a big hole but it has a mystical quality about it and I just couldn't stop staring.

Cat and I sat on the banks of the crater, praying not to fall the 50 metres to the bottom like a rather unfortunate woman nearly did, and wished we'd brought a picnic.

There was something special about this place. I reckon it would make the perfect spot for a romantic date or, if you're a singleton like me, just grab a couple of bottles of wine and head up there with some friends.


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