Let's go to the zoo!

I'm a sucker for the zoo so when we had a spare day in Auckland the prospect of hippos, elephants and sea lions were too much for me, Cat and Paul to resist.

We saw otters

and hungry penguins

and playful sea-lions

and hippos

and cheetahs

and flexi flamingoes

and elephants (which I'd never seen in real life)


and more giraffes and zebras too

and a million cheeky monkeys

and crocodiles

and lemurs 

and an orangutan who dressed himself in a very fetching pink blanket-cape and surveyed his kingdom atop a podium


and a beautiful tiger

and much more. 

Auckland Zoo isn't massive but it is packed with a great variety of animals and birds. I'm not great with birds so I walked straight past the aviary but I'm told it was very good so if you are in the area, I'd definitely check it out. Great for children and adults alike and sometimes, if you're very very lucky you might even bump into a cheetah being taken for a walk. 

(We weren't very lucky)


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