Driving Day #2

We started the day with a bracing ride on the Shotover JetWe came perilously close to the rocks and were doused in icy cold water as we did 360 spins at top speed. Nerve-wracking stuff. 

After a thorough awakening, we climbed back into the van and set off to Wanaka.

The road ahead had been closed for several days due to landslides so we didn’t stop long in Wanaka, preferring to get to Franz Josef before dark. The little we did see of Wanaka though was really rather pretty.

Back on the road again and, once more, the drive was beautiful.

Until disaster struck. Up ahead there had been another landslide. We were made to wait whilst a helicopter threw water down the rock face causing ‘rocks the size of buses’ to come cascading down on to the road.

Luckily, the area was pronounced fairly safe and we were waved on through. The landscape soon changed from mountains to the sea as we approached Glacier land.

Well before dark we pulled into our campsite for the night. Not a bad view really.


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