Burger Fuel

All over New Zealand there was one thing I noticed: Burger Fuel. It's the Kiwi answer to gourmet burgers fast-food style. And I got onboard.

The menu seriously packed a punch. You can chose either a beef, chicken or vege patty in a whole array of shapes and sizes and flavours. The sides weren't just fries and sauces either - there were 2 types of chips, motobites (which I'd never even heard of) and chicken strips. Basically, the menu was perfect and I wanted to eat everything.

However, as much as my tummy may have wanted everything off the menu, I knew deep down it probably wasn't the wisest choice for my waistline so I settled on a 'Third Pounder with Cheese' and, out of curiosity, a side of motobites. If, unlike me, you are truly conscious of your diet or you're just not that hungry you can choose either the lightweight or mini burgers but I went for the real-deal.

Unlike most fast-food joints, this place didn't have sticky tables, a harsh bright light and non-descript decor; instead, it had a bit of life. There were skate-boarding and music magazines to flick through whilst waiting for your order and the lighting was far more flattering for eating a fat burger.

The food itself was also delicious. 

The motobites were interesting. They were little fried balls of pumpkin, chickpea, carrot and ginger to be dipped in lemon aioli. They were surprisingly tasty although a touch dry so the aioli was a definite must. They were also so filling that you could easily just eat them without a burger. Having said that, I wolfed the lot.  

Now to the main event. 

Just look at it sitting there. Oozing deliciousness. 

Again the burger was interesting - but not in a bad way. Firstly, there was no salad. An odd choice seeing as a good crisp piece of lettuce really helps to stop the bun getting all soggy but here it honestly didn't make a difference. The bun held its shape and didn't fall apart in my hands despite all the gooey yumminess inside. 

Which leads me onto what actually was inside - the beef patty (obviously), melted cheddar, bread and butter pickles, dijon mustard and aioli. I thought it was the perfect combo. The burger was juicy and full of flavour. The cheese was melty and delicious. Oddly, but amazingly, the sauces combined to make a sort of cheese sauce - not something you would usually slap on a burger but it really worked. Cat on the other hand wasn't so sure. She wasn't a fan of how saucy the burger was or that there was no salad but I absolutely loved it. 

I won't pretend that I don't like Maccas or Burger King or Hungry Jacks or whichever fast-food burger joint you're about to take me to (anyone who says they don't is lying) but as a proper burger lover I sure can appreciate the real deal. Now don't expect this to be the best burger of your entire life but the ingredients tasted fresh and of a good quality and didn't leave me with that greasy, guilty and slightly disappointed feeling. I have to say, this is hands down the best fast-food burger I've ever had. 

Currently, Burger Fuel is only available in Australasia and the Middle East but here's hoping that they branch out so all of you living further afield can try their delectable offerings. Still, if you're in this area, you can find your nearest restaurant here: Burger Fuel

For now, I need to get my ass down to Sydney. 


  1. Love all your burger blogs! Makes me hungry lool

    1. Haha, it makes me hungry too! I'm such a little burger fiend!


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